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Maiti Nepal News:

United Universal Nepalese Taekwondo Federation(UUNTF) had awarded scholarship to the national player Mr. Mohammad Oesh (30,000 NPR) and to Maiti-Nepal Taekwondo (60,000 NPR) with the aim to eashtablish imperishable fund for the development of Taekwondo player who are regularly practicing Taekwondo in Maiti- Nepal.

Cash amount for Maiti-Nepal Taekwondo is handover to Anuradha Koirala through the hand of former Taekwondo player Kalpana Thapa. On this occasion, Taekwondo player of the Dojag perfomed their different martial arts skills. Senior coach Norbu Lama, president of Uuntf Nepal Chapter and Rajkumar, Secretary of UUNTF were in the program to facilitate.

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