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LAST UPDATED 12/27/2013
The Aim of this organization is to unite global Nepalese that are currently residing oversea around the world. The main objectives of establishing the Universal United Nepalese Taekwondo Federation are to support Nepalese elite and less privilege athletes and fund the building of training facility at remote area. Since Taekwondo is the 3rd largest sports in Nepal with a large number of Nepalese practicing this martial arts, it gives UUNTF a strong incentive to promote Taekwondo. All former enthusiastic Taekwondo players and master instructors have collectively committed to support our athletes both financially and technically to achieve higher standards at National and International level.
The UUNTF is a NOT- FOR-PROFIT organization. It works collaboratively with Nepal Taekwondo Association on certain common goals in providing coaching, financial support, education seminar by creating a positive, success-oriented learning environment for our Nepalese athletes.
UUNTF's responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the Taekwondo for Nepalese globally. Our vision is to put into action through programs with a focus on activities to benefit society, and a commitment to build long-term relationship with Nepal Taekwondo Association.
The local board of directors governs individual country UUNTF. The executive team selected by the local board from each country will form the executive member and board of directors of the UUNTF. This executive team is responsible to plan the future projects and communicate activities to Nepal Taekwondo Association and their local members.
1) The UUNTF is an International Nepalese United Taekwondo Federation. The main purpose to establish this organization is to help Nepal’s Taekwondo Association of our heritage country and its athletes to affiliate with National and NRN overseas Taekwondo Association. The UUNTF head quarter will remain in United State of America, but the president, executive members, and board of directors will be selected from all UUNTF affiliated countries. It will be the only one federal organization for all NRN Taekwondo athletes around the world. It will organize all the events for the entire affiliated UUNTF members.
2) The UUNTF will collect membership fees and allocate funding under the instruction of its executive members, and board of directors. The UUNTF will work directly with Nepal’s government institution such as sport council, ministry of sports and culture with Nepal Olympic Committee to promote Taekwondo activities.
3) The UUNTF is the only one organization established in overseas to make strong constructive well planned association to help Nepal’s Taekwondo athletes; therefore individual country organization should establish theirs Chapter(Assoication) under the UUNTF and follow the local UUNTF by law.
4) The UUNTF will help Nepal Taekwondo Association to promote Taekwondo throughout the Nation and to the overseas.
5) The UUNTF will help Nepal and NRN taekwondo elite athletes and coaches in providing Taekwondo education seminar by co-partnership with or without Nepal Taekwondo Association.
6) The UUNTF will help to build remote area recreational Taekwondo dojang around the Nation.
7) The UUNTF will determine and allocate the financial budgets for each and individual project.
8) The UUNTF executive members will commit one-day salary in the occasion of UUNTF birthday around the world for development of Nepal and NRN Taekwondo athletes around the universe.
9) The UUNTF will help Nepalese and NRN athletes to gain more experience at national and international level. UUNTF will host every two years Open International Invitational Taekwondo Tournament in Nepal or in overseas country.
The UUNTF will be the main federal organization for all NRN Taekwondo athletes around the world. UUNTF will represent all the oversea Nepalese Taekwondo while working with the Nepal Taekwondo Association.
a) Individual country Taekwondo association will work under the UUNTF in order to affiliate with Nepal Taekwondo Association.
b) UUNTF is the only one affiliated organization with Nepal Taekwondo Association.
c) Nepal Taekwondo Association will not work with other Taekwondo association without prior consent by UUNTF.
d) The UUNTF will work freely to help any related taekwondo development project without the consent of Nepal Taekwondo Association.
e) Nepal Taekwondo Association will be responsible to allow NRN athletes to compete in Nepal Taekwondo team. Any legal issue with Nepal government is to be resolved by the Nepal Taekwondo Association.
f) Other non-UUNTF members can still participate in open tournament by purchasing a oneday membership through the UUNTF.
g) UUNTF welcomes all overseas Nepalese Taekwondo organization to become an affiliated members of UUNTF. However UUNTF reserves the right to grant such membership upon receipt of their membership application.
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