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Dear all my friends Grand Masters, Masters and beloved taekwondo brotherhoods, as I have receiving your beautiful e-mail with the transforming and energize words toward the globalization unite NRN Nepalese Taekwondo throughout the world which is one of the great achievement for all of us in history. As I have been telling you since this globalize movement started, we are not here to divide our brotherhood but to make one strong and supportive body that live in abroad and want to help for our mother land Nepal National Taekwondo Association for their long term Athlete development plan for new young generation in this great sport.


         I personally appreciate who had been working and lobbing with the many of our friends in global till today, I am proud of you and thank you so much for your positive energy to bring most of our friends in one umbrella. In my personal view in my position in the new UUNTF is not really that effective but as a majority of our beloved friends, Grand Masters and Masters upon your deliberate requesting in the chair person I will accept this position till this organization will establish in good standing.


            Your support and positive energy will lead me in good direction, I also would like to express my many thanks to all well-wisher of this newly propose UUNTF President, I believe in me I will lead you by an example till my knowledge hold me on. Once again I want to say and express my words to all of you, we are not here for against anyone but to help and develop good relation in between every Taekwondo brotherhoods either in abroad nor residing in back home in Nepal, let’s work together and help our beloved motherland’s friends to discover their opportunity in this beautiful sports and Martial Arts.


          I also would like to express my thought, through this email to set up conference call by next week and talk about the first full UUNTF committee members and its structure, capacity of the organization. After that newly elected and appointed UUNTF executive members may present the vision, mission and code of conduct of the organization as well as the tree of the internal body in federal level International Coordination Committee (ICC) and every country National Coordination Committee (NCC).Yours advice may suggested.

Thank You


Yours Truly,

Grand Master Raj Kumar Rai


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